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Ozona, Texas. One town. One 3000 square mile county. And just one kid. Welcome to the website of the OzonaKid, an Austin resident with deep west Texas roots.

We're also the home of the Lonely Radio Group, a set of four Internet radio stations that each reflect different interests. Lonely Radio, my first, reflects my deep love of all things music. The Lonely Lounge shows you my particularly affinity to sad and lonely songs. CineStar-80 reflects my love of movies and screenwriting, and NatureSong, my appreciation for the stillness that is our world.

The Lonely Lounge.

Sad and Lonely Easy Listening.

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The Lonely Radio.

Freeform; favorites from 30s to now.

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Nature Song.

Sounds of Nature & New Age.

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The Movie Music of your Life.

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I spend most of my day on the net on various projects, including screenwriting, movies, fundraising, Internet braodcasting, and computers. This blog serves as a place where you can learn what I have learned, and get a little perspective from someone who has always been on the outside looking in.

Screenwriting. Internet radio and streaming media. Politics. Whatever the hell is on my mind (and yours).

Join us for the marketplace of ideas with only one rule--be respectful of each other.

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Ozonakid supports artist rights. Ozonakid is fully licensed and all artist royalties are paid to BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, and Sound Exchange.

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